someone like me. 

please do not fall in love with someone like me. 

i will love you into immortality, creating sweeping cities and vast kingdoms for you out of the words lining my journals. i will weave paragraphs intricately with utmost care and affection, bringing my love to life through the dark ink carved across each page. 

please do not fall in love with someone like me. 

my heart will appear gracefully aged like the withered pages of an Austen novel, and will be accompanied by Rumi’s depth and passion. but do not feel at ease, for it will also have within it Seuss’ absurdity and a tragic Shakespearean nature that will leave you simulteneously bewildered and perplexed. 

please do not fall in love with someone like me.

if i start loving you back, we will both be plunged into dangerous, dangerous territory. 

i will love you quietly, memorising each and every aspect of your being till i begin to see your smile peeking out from underneath my jacket sleeve and the color of your eyes when i close my own. you will consume me, and i will suffocate in my own fatal admiration of you. 

please do not fall in love with someone like me. 

someone who is lonely. i will devote myself to your affection, but there will be times where you will see me floating to a faraway, bottomless nihility you would not dare venture into yourself. 

the curiosity will envelope you. you will find yourself staring into my distant eyes, longing for something you can touch but never truly hold, like grains of sand ever so softly slipping through the cracks in your fingers. 

my mind is a ticking bomb and sooner or later it will spatter itself across your glistening floors in shades of disaster previously unseen and you will plead for the opportunity to erase this mistake from your existence. 

please do not fall in love with me. 

for if you leave, i will not beg you to stay. i will not drag you back inside the confines of my love, regardless of how agonizing the loss may be. see, that’s the thing with me. i bleed through my silence, not my heart. 


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