a letter to myself. 

dear mahnoor,

you will get hurt. you’re going to cry, that’s for sure. cry and weep and fight and feel like giving up on every goddamn thing. but that’s the twisted beauty of life. every heartbreak, every tear; it all means something. it’s all one big stepping stone into the world of compassion and knowledge. it will teach you to be strong and to push against the boundaries, to get back up on your feet no matter how many times you’ve been shoved down. it will teach you that life is short, but you have the ability to turn it into something worth remembering. so keep fighting, keep pushing, because no matter how much bad luck you have, there’s something breathtaking and beautiful waiting for you on the other side. you’re strong. deep down, past the thick layers of self-deprecating humor and harsh sarcasm, there’s a true tough interior that one day, i hope you realise you have. you’re more resilient than you think. you are more than just your shortcomings. you are the books you read, the music you listen to. you are the people that you’ve impacted in all your 14 years, yes, they do exist. you are the smile on your mother’s face when she sees you eat for the first time in two days. you are the laugh at the back of your brother’s throat when he hears one of your drippy jokes after five hours of awkward silence. you are the sweet, distant memories in the back of your old friends’ minds. you may not be perfect. but you’re human. and that’s okay. i don’t know how long it will take for you to embrace this truth completely, or even if you will. just—just try not to give up so easily. i promise you there are better things waiting for you if you just try. 

all the love,
your best friend. 


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